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Enhance your home working environment

Prevention today will save you sickness absence, health problems and added financial costs tomorrow and long-term.

Prevent health problems

A little discomfort today can become something far more serious tomorrow. We’ll identify problem areas and help you correct them.

Avoid added financial costs

Working in positions that cause strain on your joints can lead to pain and injury, resulting in time off work and lost income.

Boost your productivity

We can help you to work more efficiently by advising on correct postures, ergonomic methods or equipment.

“Disabling musculoskeletal injury can lead to reduction in your income level by an average of 40% over five years.”

Source: Ergonomic Plus

“Using an ergonomic layout at work can improve productivity by 17% to 25%”

Source: McLeod D

“If you drive over 25,000 miles a year you are six times as likely to develop back pain”

Source: Brian McIlwraith

How it works

Ensuring a healthy workspace and optimal performance whilst working from home is just a quick email away…

“Maria is professional, fair and honest, a real pleasure to work with" Clare Ginders

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Use our fast, free ergonomic healthcheck to get in touch and schedule your free feedback call


Book a time that suits you

We’ll call you back to answer any questions and book a time that suits you for a free 20 minute advice call.


We visit and enhance your workspace

One of our friendly ergonomic specialists will visit you at home and provide a holistic, in-depth ergonomic assessment.

Free ergonomic healthcheck

A realistic, holistic approach

We take into account any constraints in your setup and work with you to achieve the healthiest workspace for your situation.

Highly convenient

We come to you at a time to suit

Tailored to your situation

No two work set ups are the same, our solutions are bespoke to suit your situation.

Exclusive discount on any equipment

we can get you 20% discount from a leading ergonomic equipment supplier who deliver, set up and adjust equipment to your specification plus 14 day trial.

Easy, actionable recommendations

Simple low cost or no cost solutions to implement often straight away.

Friendly holistic approach

We take into account all you do - work, home and leisure activities.

Get peace of mind

Identify and minimise risks to health from your working position.

Choose the right package for you

Our transparent fixed price packages give you peace of mind and guarantee you’re working at home as healthily as possible.



Check your set up is  correct to minimise the chances of aches and pains or musculoskeletal injuries

  • Workstation assessment via video call
  • Summary report identifying issues/solutions
  • Equipment recommendations and signpost to supplier
  • 15% discount  on equipment
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If  your home work set up could be causing discomfort or pain and you want advice about correct positioning to avoid musculoskeletal injury

  • Workstation assessment
  • Summary report identifying issues/solutions
  • Make adjustments and other advice e.g. tips on concentration or postural breaks
  • Specific equipment recommendations
  • 20% Discount on equipment
  • Set up equipment



If you are struggling at work or are off sick due to injury, and want a more comprehensive assessment of your home work set up including specialist seating or have a more complex work activities or set up

  • Workstation assessment
  • Specialist seating assessment
  • Make adjustments and other advice e.g. tips on concentration or postural breaks
  • Comprehensive report
  • Provision and setting up of ergonomic equipment
  • 20% Discount on equipment
  • Follow up review

optional Add ons

If you are driving as part of your job or mobile working in multiple locations and experiencing aches and pains or want to check you’re not storing up problems for the future

My grateful thanks to the team for their friendly, prompt, supportive, professional assessment. They made the stressful process of the access  to work assessment and subsequent guidance on appropriate equipment and home worker office set up  a  more compassionate positive, human experience. Their knowledge and client centric approach facilitated a timely , confident ,full return to work.  I highly recommend Workright at Home

Karen Henfrey, Customer

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